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I did it for our Family.

This is a different writing style than I usually do. Please tell me if it’s too difficult to follow, or any questions or additional comments that you guys may have. Feedback helps me get better! So please let me know. Thanks, Please enjoy!     Kae.

Note: I slightly changed the prompt I got this on to better fit my story. Hope no one is too bothered by it And to cut it down because this would’ve went on forever, haha. If you guys want more, Post on the comments!


I never thought I’d be here. Never did I ever think I was capable of doing what I did. I sit here in this empty chamber, bound closed and locked behind these rusted steel bars. I’m only sixteen, this isn’t like me. I’m a straight A – B student, I do what I’m told and I shut up about it., whether I like it or not. My mom and her husband are out on a cruise, so I have to wait here until they get back from their anniversary vacation. The worst part is they don’t even know yet, about any of it.

It started when Alex who happens to be a heroin addict, targeted my little brother Kayge. Even though Kayge is a year younger than me, he still manages to weasel into the worst types of crowds. Well, this is how it happened.


I open the door to Marcus’s trailer and start making my way back to his room. The place reeks. There’s not much of anything here. A couch, a table with one chair, a fridge with no food in it, I don’t even think the thing works to be totally honest. And there are two beds in the only bedroom in the trailer for Marcus and his brother Adam. I walk by the bathroom that probably hasn’t been used for a couple years. This is where we sell our dope. Adam bought it off of the landlord for a pretty cheap price since no one would have wanted it in its current condition anyways. Now I don’t do dope, But I enjoy having some extra change in my pocket since I can’t work a decent job yet, since I’m only fifteen. If my mom knew about this, I wouldn’t be living at home anymore. I’m not proud of it, but mom isn’t home much. David is usually always taking her on trips around the world. So this feeds me, and gets me what I need.

Knock Knock Knock

I knocked on the door of Marcus’s bedroom.

“Come in,” called Marcus from the other side of the door. I open the door and walk inside, being sure to shut the door behind me. Amanda is here. She doesn’t do this crap either, her boyfriend just sends her out on these little drug pickups, and she’s seeing Marcus on the side. She says she can’t stand the way Alex treats her. Marcus is in this because his brother asked for his help. Adam and Marcus have been on their own for a long time. It’s no surprise they’re here at this state.

“I brought the Golden Girl and the Black Eagle.” I said to Marcus as I pulled the product out of my book bag and handed it to him as I sat down. “Black Eagle is top of the line for sure. It’ll be a little more expensive than what you guys are used to, is that cool, Manda?” Amanda looked at the producted and seemed interested.

“35 extra.” I slid in the price, trying to talk it up a little bit. She looked at Marcus and back at the product. Marcus just smiled his big stoner smile. Now he doesn’t shoot up, but he won’t pass on a bowl pack. Marcus flipped his hair to the side and started talking up the product as well. The kid isn’t really good looking but he’s not necessarily unattractive. He has medium long dirty blond hair and dark blue eyes. It’s long like a skater kids’, and he dresses like one to. Although he’s a little over weight, he never let that stop him. Kid’s got balls, I’ll give him that. He does the kind of things that people wouldn’t usually expect. He’s spontaneous and a hot head. He’s been my best friend for years. My hair is short cut, sticks off a little and I usually gel it down in the mornings when I can. I wear plaid button ups but use them as jackets rather than actually buttoning them up. Too much effort in my opinion.

“I’ll take it.” She finally replied. I grabbed the scale and weighed out her usual amount.

“Throw in some of the Golden Girl too. I got enough to cover it.” I looked at her and smiled, “That’s very generous of you. How did you get that much?” I grabbed the balloon and put the product inside, then started on the Golden Girl.

“Alex gave me some money to play with. He wanted to treat himself.” She replied taking the Black Eagle and shoving it into her purse.

“You know, If you hate him so much why don’t you leave him?” I asked her. I’ve always wondered this, just never thought to ever consider asking, afraid of her getting offended. But I really don’t give a shit anymore. She looked at me with a sarcastic look that said, ‘really?’ and waved the money in her hand. Marcus looked at her with a questioned expression.

“’cause he gives you money? I got money. You could just stay with me.” Marcus has wanted Amanda for a while now. But for some reason she won’t leave Alex. None of my business though so I just mind my own business. Amanda is 21 and Alex is 24. She has long brown hair and brown eyes. She’s tall and skinny. A little too skinny for my taste. Marcus can have her.

After Amanda and I are done, I hand the rest of the product to Marcus, take 10% of what Amanda paid us, and gave the rest to Marcus. After that I gave them my farewell and headed on home. It’s about two and a half miles from the trailer park to my house so it’s not too bad.

As I walk down the deserted roads, I readjust my book bag and button up my shirt. The fall weather is beautiful but it’s cold this year. Colder than normal in late September. When I get to the bus stop I check the time on my cell to see what time it is.

5:56 pm.

I check my messages to see if mom or Tyler messaged me. Both.

From:  Mom

Time: 3:12 pm

Message: Hey, Kayge. David and I are leaving for the cruise. Your sister is going to watch you so try not to cause too much trouble. Love you xoxo mom.

From:  Ty

Time: 4:48 pm

Message: bub, where are you? You should have been home an HOUR ago. Call me.

I called my sister and braced myself for an ear full.

“Oh my God, Gage. Where are you? You missed mom!” She was talking so loud; I could practically feel her spit through the phone. “I’m on my way home, I stopped by Marcus’s. So chill yourself. I know I’m late, and I missed mom leaving. I’ll be there soon, all right?” I tried to calm her down.

“Fine, just make it quick.” Click. She’s nuts, I swear.

I walked up the stairs to my front door and unlocked it. Of course, there she is. Standing by the front door with her arms crossed.

“How am I supposed to watch you when you keep doing whatever it is that you want to do? You’re going to get my ass in trouble!” She raged her fury at me like a tiger mauling it’s prey. She must be on the rag. I’m sure of it.

“Look, I’m safe. No scratches. So shut up.” I shoved past her and up the stairs to my room.


I scowl at my brother and go back to cooking myself some dinner. Sometimes I just think its worthless trying to keep track of him. He does what he wants. He’s done that ever since dad left us. I can’t really blame him though. Dad was a good guy. I’m not sure what the exact reasons were for him and mom breaking up, all I do know is that we don’t talk to him anymore. He doesn’t want to have contact with us. I think it’s because he’s remarried now and has a new family and is too busy to worry about us. I got used to the thought of him not being around a while ago. Him and mom were always fighting. Oh well. No family is perfect.

I scrape my mac’ n’ cheese into a bowl and sit in front of the T.V. watching Comedy Central before doing my homework. I finish my bowl of noodles and rinse out the bowl in the sink when all the sudden I hear someone knocking on the door, and slamming their fingers as fast as they can on the door bell. I turn off the water and grab a towel and dry my hands as I make my way to the front door. When I open the door I see Amanda being held by a death grip on her arm. Her face is bruised and bleeding in many places. When I look to face the man who is holding her, Amanda suddenly fly’s at me. Alex. His eyelids are red, worn down, and he has track marks everywhere. I know who Alex is. I stopped talking to Amanda when she got with him. I refuse to be associated with those crowds. I grab a hold of Amanda and turn back to Alex with a confused look on my face.

“What the hell are you doing!? What did you do to her Alex!” I yelled trying to attend to Amanda’s wounds, as Alex shoved his way into the house shutting the door behind him and locking it. Then I see it. He has a gun in his right side hoodie pocket and is pointing it at me. I instantly stop moving and keep my eyes on him. “Amanda, go sit down…” I talked softly. Our living room was connected to the room where the front door was so it’s within eyeballs reach. I figure Alex wouldn’t oppose to that. Alex flicks his drugged up eyes to her and then to me.

“Where’s Kayge.” He demanded. I notice Gage peaking down the stairs, trying not to be seen or heard. “I know he’s here. The fucker ripped me off, I want my money back!” His voice kept rising.

“He’s not here!” I yelled back, trying to give Gage the hint to get the hell out of dodge for whatever fucked up thing he’s done now. I’ll kill him for this. I watch Gage’s head pop back and figure he got the hint.

“Stop with the act, Tyler. I want my money!” He kept insisting, and took the gun out of his pocket and waved it in my face. I don’t have any money. The only money I get is from babysitting the neighbor’s kid once or twice a month and they are stingy with their pay.

“Look, Alex. I don’t have your money. Go home.” I try to keep my voice calm so he doesn’t freak out and actually shoot me. My body is trembling and I’m still standing there, heart racing, and blood rushing though my body. Everything feels hot. I feel like I’m going to pass out. I don’t know what to do in this kind of situation. Things like this never happen to me. Ever.

“Yeah well Kayge owes me! So I don’t give a shit who gets my money, you or him, but if it’s not in my fucking hands by tomorrow, I’ll shoot you, Amanda and your little baby brother. Got it?” I could feel the anger in his voice hit me like a knife in the chest. I shakily nodded my head and stepped back. Alex let out a deep sigh and let the gun down by his side, finger on the trigger, but not yet squeezing it. He rubbed his forehead as if he had a really bad migraine, then before I knew it he had me by the neck of my shirt, with the gun pressed firmly against my cheek bone. I stopped breathing.

“No, I don’t believe I heard you. Do you,” he whispered in a sociopathic voice that made chills numb my spine. “ –understand, what I’m telling you? I want every last dime. 345 dollars total. Cash. Tomorrow. You know where to find me.” He tapped the gun on the temple of my head and gave me a soulless smile. I attempted to breath slowly and keep myself conscious. How on earth am I supposed to make that kind of money?

“Kayge! Get down here, now!” I yelled to him. Kayge walked down the stairs and looked at Amanda and then back to me.

“I just had a fucking gun in my face. Mind telling me what the fuck is going on?!” My nerves are distraught. I usually never cuss at my brother because I find it disrespectful to speak to your family like that. But I think this time is justified.

“I was told it was quality stuff!” He blurted out, beads of sweat started forming on his face. “I’m so sorry, Tyler. I never wanted this to happen!” He scrambled for the right words to say, but what do you really say in his situation?

“How am I supposed to come up with that kind of money by tomorrow, Kayge, what the hell am I supposed to do?!” My voice was frantic and cracking.

“I don’t know! I’m sorry!” I could see the sympathy in his face. I knew my brother didn’t mean anyone harm.

“Well,” I took a deep breath trying to calm down and think about this. My mind was everywhere but where I needed it. “How much do you have?” I asked.

“ 35 bucks. That’s it. That’s all I got out of the payment.” He responded reaching in his pocket and handing me the thirty five dollars.

“I have 25, but that’s for Amanda to go with her aunt, and get the hell out of this place.” I shook my head. Wait. Mom has some extra cash stuffed in her sock drawer. I run upstairs and pull open her dresser drawer and start digging through the socks. Got it. I pull out only 75 bucks. Shit… Still need 235…

After Kayge and I talked, and I cleaned Amanda up some, I drove her to the train station with some of my clothes in a bag and the only 25$ left to my name, to get her a one way ticket to her aunt. I stop at a gas station outside of town and sit in the parking lot at the gas pump. I stare out the window and reflect on everything that happened. I rubbed my neck, and I’m filled with some type of emptiness that I’ve never felt in my life before. I mindlessly move my eyes from the bag from Holiday Party Props which holds me and Gages Halloween costumes, then to the gas station. I may get mad at my brother, but when his life is threatened, I’ll do my damnedest to help him in any way I can.

My whole body and mind are numb. My thinking process at this point are completely nonexistent. I grab for the Zombie mask that my brother picked out and put it on along with the black under dress that went to the dress that was for my costume. It came down a little past my knees. I drove my car around the corner where it couldn’t be seen. I dug in the back seat of my car for the black hoodie that belonged to my ex-boyfriend, and wadded up an old bag and shoved it in my pocket to make it look like a gun was in my pocket to try and replicate what Alex did even though I didn’t have a gun. I inspected it, and decided it wouldn’t work. Wait. I have my softball bat in my trunk. I open my trunk and pull out my black and silver metallic softball bat and hold it firmly in hand. I shake it a couple times and take a couple deep breaths and double check to make sure no one is around. The coast is clear here goes nothing.

I muster up any balls I can pull out, and head to the door with my bat in hand. I burst through the door of the Quik Stop Shope and swing my bat full force at the counter breaking the displays and spewing the products they once contained towards the cashier. I feel blood rushing to my face, neck and arms. Adrenalin is pulsing through my body. The reality of it all is finally starting to set in. I’m scared. But I can’t back out now. I start to see red.

“Give me your fucking money!” I yell at the top of my lungs, my voice involuntarily cracking under the pressure. No. I have to –

“Drop the weapon and put your hands up! You’re under arrest!” An old worn out grudge voice came from the door beside me, and the cashier ducked behind the counter. I turn to the door to see a cop who just happened to pull up in the middle of this. Shit.


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The Letter in the Alley.

I got this Prompt from Writer’s Digest! Check it out:



Bzz.. Bzz.. Bzz.. Bzz.. Bzz..

I open one eye, then shut it quickly. The sun is beaming right through my window and into my eyes. I flop my hand around beside me searching for the snooze button on my alarm clock. As I go to move my hand back to me, I knock off a glass of water that was also on my nightstand. Damn. I let out a deep sigh, and sluggishly pull myself from my nest. My head is pounding, I feel nauseous, and I’m dizzy. As I sit on the edge of my bed, I open the drawer and grab the bottle of Advil that laid inside. I look inside the bottle only to find one left. No good, I need at least three for it to be effective. Four to even temporarily remove this hangover headache. I drank way too much last night. As I lean over to grab the cup, I notice a piece of paper folded up and laying inconspicuously on the ground next to my jeans and half under the bed. I picked up the glass and the piece of paper, set the glass back on the nightstand and started wiping off the water that was soaked into the paper.

When I open the note , a chill crawls up my spine. My heart starts to race a little, and I think I might get sick. I put the note down and scurry to the bathroom, half awake and drowsy. I slide down beside the toilet and lift up the seat, lean over, and heave out my guts. Not literally, but that’s what it feels like. After I’m done I grab a dirty towel laying next to me, and wipe my mouth off. I lean against the wall and take a deep breath, trying to be sure I’m completely done before trying to get up. This sucks. After I’m sure I’m done I stand up and go to wash my face at the sink. Yet I don’t think about the pounding headache I have, or the nauseous feeling in my stomach. I stare at myself for a long minute in the mirror. What happened last night? Usually this is normal for me. Go to work, come home, go to the bar, etc. etc. But usually I come home with phone numbers rather than a note like the one I just read. But when did I get it? I don’t remember much, I was pretty wasted last night. I sway over to my bed and sit back down on it, looking at the wet piece of paper laying in my hands. The ink is smeared but still thick enough to read. 5756 Trike Ave. Apt 7C. 

I know where this is. Well, the apartment building anyways, but I’ve never been inside. I pass it on my way to and from the bus stop every day. That’s it. The ally behind the gas station. I remember picking it up, but not much else. I shake my head and rub my eyes. It’s probably just some trash that fell out of the dumpster. I grab the empty glass and head to the kitchen to fill it up, pretty much ignoring the mysterious piece of paper. I take a couple of swigs then dump the rest back into the sink. I need to get more Advil. I can’t stand this headache. I take a shower and clean myself up. I stand in the mirror and wonder if I should cut the whiskers off my face or not. Nah. Not today. I grab my apartment keys, and head to the bus station.

As I cross the street and turn around the corner just a minutes walk from my house, I see it. Trike Ave. Curiosity fills me. I look at the bus stop that’s across the street in front of the gas station then back at the road sign. Then to the bus pulling up to the bus stop. I’ll never make it. It’s a good distance away. I walk down Triker Ave. to the building that was mentioned in the note. The building is old. All made out of brick and concrete. Some of the windows are busted out and boarded up. This building has to be at least fifty years or older. I walk up the cracked stairs, and go inside. There are mailboxes to my left hanging on the wall, and stiars infront of me leading up and leading down. I have 45 minutes until the next bus comes, I got some time to kill. I start going up the stairs and walk through the door on the first floor. I look at the numbers on the doors, One reads 2B. Must be up higher. I walk back out the door and continue up the stairs, and go through the door on the top of the stairs. 1C, 3C, 5C, Ahh. Here it is. 7C. I look around me, the walls have holes in them, and the wallpaper is pealing off. 

Knock Knock Knock

I hear a small noise, then it progressively gets louder as the door the opens.

“What the hell are you doing here?!” I proclaimed as shock encased my body.




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